About Us

Romania Insights presents information about tourism and tourist sights in Romania but also other useful information related to the country. Everything you’ll find on this site is meant to help you get an idea of what to expect when you plan a visit to Romania.

Tourism in Romania is concentrated more on natural landscapes and her rich history. Romania has a great landscape which includes the Carpathian Mountains, Black Sea and the Danube Delta – which is still in a very good state of wildness. You will be able to discover the old villages and cities which are meant to highlight the natural beauties and to show you traditions of hundreds of years together with an abundant collection of religious architecture, castles and medieval cities.

Romania Insights is just meant to help you find the things in Romania that worth your attention, considering your preferred types of tourist attractions. If you want to visit only churches you can find them here, if you want to visit historical buildings or just to find the perfect locations for agro-tourism, you can also find the information here.

We are a young and passionate team looking to always improve our abilities and knowledge about Romania in order to be able to present our beautiful country as it really is. This is why we invite you to explore our site and we hope that you will be convinced this is a country which should get soon on your ‘to visit’ list.

If you have any questions or recommendation, please feel free to tell us by using our Facebook page.

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