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A small and forgotten wooden church

“St. Anne” wooden church from Ceahlau village (Neamt County) was built around 1830 by the first Transylvanians resettled here. The sanctuary is dedicated to “Conception of of St. Anne” and…
December 8, 2013 |

Lepers’ Church, Sighisoara

The church is located in Sighisoara , in the Siechhof old neighborhood and was built in the sixteenth century. Originally, the church was part of a larger complex consisting of…
October 30, 2013 |

Sighisoara Medieval Fortress

Sighisoara is a city located in Mures County, Transylvania, Romania which was included on the World Heritage List in 1999 as a monument city protected by UNESCO. The most valuable…
October 25, 2013 |
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