Dobrogea trip, May 2014 – Day 1

About a month ago appeared the idea of a trip to Dobrogea because we realized we’ve never been there. After a period of documentation for sights, accommodation and what to do in the area we’ve come to the conclusion that the best for us is to stay in Braila (we didn’t have to pay for the accommodation there) and go to Dobrogea by car. For this reason I’m not able to recommend any accommodation places at this time, but I hope to go there for a longer trip this summer and then I’ll have something for this too.

The possibilities of spending you time in Dobrogea are kind of unlimited but since we only had 2 days available we kept it simple. Because we took too many photos (and didn’t have the time process), I’ll only include in this article the first day of the trip – here is how it went.

We arrived at the ferry boat in Braila (GPS coordinates: 45.2908640, 27.9918880) at around 8:40 in the morning and we were disappointed that the waiting line was pretty big; but we soon discovered there were 3 ferry boats and not only one – we moved to another line and at 9:05 we were on the other side of the Danube.

We continued our trip on E87 and DJ229 to Enisala village, through the following localities:  Macin – Cerna – Mircea Voda – I.C. Bratianu – Nicolae Balcescu – Mihai Bravu – Zebil – Sarichioi – Enisala. Except the portion between Mihai Bravu and Zebil (that has some pits), the road is in a very good state. We spent pretty much time on this road, ~3 hours, because the scenery was great and we had to make a lot of stops for photos or just for admiring it.

To Enisala, Tulcea County, Romania

On our way to Enisala

Around 12:30 we arrived at Enisala fortress and I came to the conclusion the fortress was not built here for any military purpose but because of the view – it’s astonishing. 😀

View from Enisala Fortress, Tulcea County, Romania

View from Enisala Fortress

After some time spent at the fortress we left in search of the hill with wild peonies which was quite a challenge because we received some misleading directions, but we managed to find it (or at least I think so – there were wild peonies there). If you plan on going to see the wild peonies, please consider this is a species protected by law and you’re not allowed to take them home.

Peonies reservation, Enisala Romania

Wild Romanian Peony

For an easier reach of the place, I took the GPS coordinates of the location we found:

Latitude : 44.86031 (44° 51′ 37.13″ N)

Longitude : 28.83567 (28° 50′ 8.42″ E)

After a picnic and tons of photographs with wild peonies we left to Jurilovca in order to cross the Razim lake to Gura Portitei. When we arrived at the mini-port, the ferry had just left but we found someone with a boat to get us to Gura Portitei. Small ships operating between Jurilovca and Gura Portitei have the following schedule:

– From Jurilovca to Gura Portitei: 9:00, 14:00, 18:00

– From Gura Portitei to Jurilovca: 12:00, 16:00, 20:00

The trip takes ~ 1.5 hours and it worth the time because Gura Portitei is realy a nice and peaceful place.

Beach from Gura Portitei, Tulcea, Romania

The Beach from Gura Portitei

After returning from Gura Portitei to Jurilovca we started our trip back to Braila. This time we took the road through Babadag where we also stopped to eat – La Parmac restaurant was the only one we saw on the way and they had some good fish. We also saw the Ali-Gazi Paşa Mosque in the city but only from the outside since we got there during the religious service – I hope to return there and visit it because it really looks interesting.

More Photos from the trip can be seen on our Facebook page, here.

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