Dobrogea trip, May 2014 – Day 2

The second day of the trip to Dobrogea, Romania, was actually a hiking trip in Macin Mountains. This was, for me, the first hiking trip in these beautiful mountains and I can only say I hope to go back soon. Because the weather was supposed to be bad in the afternoon, we were at the ferry boat in Braila (GPS coordinates: 45.2908640, 27.9918880) little before 9:00 AM.

We crossed on the other side of the Danube river and followed the road DN22 to Macin city. In order to get to the starting point of the hiking route, we took left soon after we exit Macin city – GPS coordinates for the entering to the country road are N45 14.104 E28 09.472. Continue straight and then turn right to get to the starting point – for a little help here are the GPS coordinates of the starting point 45°14’41.1″N 28°11’33.5″E.

We arrived at the starting point of the hiking route called ‘Culmea Pricopanului’ at approximately 10:00 AM and I starteld looking for Dobrogea turtles (Testudo graeca ibera) but I wasn’t very lucky so I haven’t seen any.

We started our trip and as we got higher we got more and more pleased with the view.

View from Macin Mountains, Tulcea County, Romania

Great view in Macin Mountains

We also came across different kind of nice and interesting creatures – in the picture below there is a cute lizard.

Macin Mountains, Tulcea County, Romania


During the trip we came across some of the competitors from the first edition of Macin Marathon (marathon: 38 km with 1900 m elevation difference and half marathon: 24 km with 1000 m elevation difference).

Macin Marathon, Tulcea County, Romania

Macin Marathon participant

After getting to a mountain road (which was actually a shortcut of the route) we also came across some cyclists which were enjoying nature – but were also making ​​a considerable effort since they cycled about 100 km.

We got back at our starting point around 2:00 PM and I went on foot for a while looking for turtles again but that just wasn’t my lucky day so I haven’t seen any this time either. I made a promise to myself to go back to Macin Mountains as soon as possible and we left in search of a place to eat something – the closest restaurant is located here 45.176658, 28.200230 and had good food at decent prices.

You can find the full photo album on our Facebook page.

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