How to get to Bucharest


Get to Bucharest by plane

The main airport of the city and, currently, the only one opened for general public is Henri Coandă International Airport (OTP) – all scheduled flights land here (including low cost ones).

The airport is located in Otopeni city, 18 km away from the center of Bucharest.

Bucharest has good connections with most European capitals and with the largest cities in Romania; it might be difficult to find direct flights to Henri Coanda Airport from outside of Europe or the Middle East.

If you’re the first time in this airport you should know it is not a good idea to exchange money here – the rates are much lower than you will find in the city; you can use the credit card at the shops and it is recommended to use an ATM for immediate cash need.

In the airport you may find people offering you a ride to the city, you should not accept this. Instead, use the information about connections below.

Connections with the city:

Buses – a one way ticket costs 3.5 Lei and you can buy it from the bus station. The lines are:

780 – it goes from Henri Coandă International Airport (arrivals) to Basarab railway station, passing through Bucharest North railway station.

783 – it goes from Henri Coandă International Airport (arrivals) to Unirii Square (city center), passing through other areas of downtown like Victoria Square, Romana Square and University Square (also known as December 21, 1989 Square).

Train – you can go to Bucharest North railway station using Henri Coandă Express; this is a combined transfer service using minibus and then train. The price for an adult ticket starts from 8.5 Lei (the minibus is included in this fare) and the journey lasts around 50 minutes.

Taxi  – Henri Coanda airport has two help-desks on arrivals terminal, which help you to call for taxi. The desks have information boards containing phone numbers of taxi companies and their charges, but also phones with free access to place taxi orders. Most of the taxis have a fare of 1.39 Lei or 1.4 Lei per kilometer and the same value for starting the ride, but there are also some companies practicing higher prices – 3.5 Lei; generally, there is no other difference between these, than the price. Please consider that most of the taxis DO NOT accept credit cards since they don’t have a POS. You should pay in Lei and avoid paying in other currencies in order to avoid being scammed. Also, if it is possible,  try to have smaller banknotes – of 5 and 10 Lei – in order to pay the exact amount (or close to it), to avoid a situation in which the driver cannot give you change.

You should only get in taxis which you ordered using the help desk. You should not accept rides from people waiting in the airport since they might not be very reliable.

Get to Bucharest by train

Bucharest is linked through direct trains to several european cities like Budapest, Chişinău, Kiev, Sofia, Vienna, Thessaloniki, Istanbul, and Moscow . Also it is linked to main cities (and not only) in Romania.

All international trains and most long distance internal trains arrive at Gara de Nord (North Railway) station, located quite near of the city center, to which it is linked by public transport (subway, buses, and trolleybuses).

For local use there are also 2 other railway stations: Basarab and Eastern Railway-Obor but these are used by fewer train routes – most of the trains use North Railway (Gara de Nord).

Avoid using the exchange services in the train station or around it since they offer a much smaller rate than the actual one; use an ATM instead to get Lei directly from your credit card.

Get to Bucharest by bus

The city has several bus terminals: Băneasa (located in the northern part of town), Obor (east), Filaret (south), Rahova (south-west), Militari (west), Griviţa (north-west) as well as many other smaller stations. If you’re willing to make long bus rides, you can use the bus to get to Bucharest from a large number of cities in Western and South-Western Europe; these lines are operated by Eurolines and Atlassib. You can also use this sites to search for journey details.

Get to Bucharest by car

You can enter the city from the north (the E60 road coming from Braşov), west side (the A1 highway from Piteşti), south (the E20 road from Giurgiu), east side (the A2 highway from Constanţa).


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