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Ali Pasha Gazi Mosque is placed in center of  Babadag city and was built in 1610 (it is not known if this is the year when the construction began or was completed), during the time of Sultan Mehmet III.

The courtyard of the mosque also includes parsonage and the tomb of its founder. Next to the porch, which allows the access into the edifice, is the ablution place which is supplied with water from a natural spring.

The mosque went through fire during the Russo-Turkish War in 1876. Through restoration works performed after the fire, the roof and ceiling were modified, on the sides of the building were open additional doors and was built a new minaret.

The mosque has operated as a museum until 1989. In 1990 began the repair and restoration of the mosque. On the east side of the mosque is found the tomb of Ali Pasha Gazi.

The mosque houses important collections of decorative oriental art, of a great value and is a sight not to be missed when visiting the area.

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    Strada Geamiei, Babadag 825100, Romania

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