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Cacica salt mine located in the locality with the same name, 18 km from Gura Humorului and 40 km from the city of Suceava, and is one of the oldest exploitations of salt recrystallized from brine, from Europe. Cacica salt mine is unique because its galleries were dug by hand, without using any kind of machines. For the exploitation from Cacica Salt Mine were not used any wagons, the only way of access in the underground are the fir steps, mineralized by the brine that went into the wood over time. Salt Mine contains about 8200 galleries, which are in good condition after more than 220 years after its official opening in 1791.

Salt deposit from Cacica Salt Mine has been exploited since the distant past but only in 1957 was started the exploitation of salt with probes. The salt from Cacica is qualitatively the best salt in Romania and the only exploitation which produces recrystallized salt.

Entrance into the salt mine is discreet, followed by some wooden steps that take you to an impressive salt sculpture “Christ Crucified”, which urges you to have the courage to continue the descent.

The salt mine has 4 main sights: 2 chapels, a lake and a ballroom.

Roman – Catholic Chapel of Saint Varvara – it is a chapel of 25 meters long, 9 meters wide and 7 meters tall; the chapel is located at a depth of 27 meters and you’ll have to go down 192 steps to reach it. The chapel was built in 1806 at the initiative of the Polish priest, Jakub Bogdanowicz, to serve as a place of prayer for Roman Catholics miners (at the time, the village didn’t had any church). Originally, the chapel was lined with wood which was removed in 1904. The chapel has everything a small church needs: altar, icons, chandelier, pulpit and balcony for the choir. The altar and pulpit were carved in massive salt.

Orthodox Chapel – is located at a depth of 35 meters. In this area, the gallery carved in salt is much larger and has, on the walls, carvings in salt, the recent work of young sculptors from the area; some sculptures are similar to the ones from Wieliczka Salt Mine near Krakow.

Salty Lake – an artificial lake dug manually by miners, at a depth of 35 meters. On it’s walls there are salt crystals. Size of the lake is 10 x 6 meters. The lake is fenced and illuminated by some reflectors.

Engineer Agripa Popescu Hall – is first place of entertainment in the area, although is located at a depth of 37 meters. The hall is relatively large: 24x12x12 meters and has 3 balconies carved in salt. The hall was used for a pretty long time for proms, festive meetings and shows.

  • Address
    Cacica, Suceava County
  • Opening hours

    Monday - Sunday: 09:00 – 17:00

  • Prices

    Adults: 10 Lei, Children 3 - 14 years: 5 Lei,


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