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Catherine’s Gate is one of the few medieval monuments in Romania kept intact. The building which dates since 1559, was built on the foundation of another gate which was dating since the XIV-XV centuries.

The name of the gate comes from the name of an old nunnery called Saint Catherine which used to stand nearby, built in 1388 and demolished in 1559.

Catherine’s Gate in Brasov was built in order to make the connection between Schei neighbourhood and Brasov (being until 1820, when Schei Gate was built, the only access way between the two areas).

Catherine’s Gate is actually a square tower with three floors, with four small towers at the top symbolizing the ancient privilege of the medieval city leaders to apply the death penalty (Jus Gladii).

The gate tower impresses with its unique architecture, having the vault painted in Renaissance style. It has eight shooting holes for which, according to some documents, the projectiles were brought from Prague.

Since the restoration works were completed, the tower hosts exhibitions related to art and history which can be visited by everyone.

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    Poarta Ecaterina, Șirul Ludwig van Beethoven 2 Brașov 500123

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