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Although not a very popular tourist sight, the building of the University Foundation Carol I in Bucharest (Charles I Library) deserves the attention of each tourist in Bucharest due to its architecture and history.

The works started in 1891, by the order of king Carol I, and ended in 1893 but the building was inaugurated in 1895 since 2 years were needed for endowment and furnishing.

For 50 years, the University Foundation Charles I had a big contribution to the forming of the Romanian intellectual elite mainly through grants and awards offered to students. Also, the building hosted some of the most important conferences and events in the intellectual area, fact which made it an important part of the development of Romania.

In year 1948, the University Foundation Charles I becomes the Central Library of the University “C.l. Parhon” in Bucharest and it continued its important role in the development of the Romanian higher education.

During the December 1989 Revolution, the building of the Central Library of the University was literally destroyed and all the books inside were turned into ashes. With the help of Federico Mayor, general director of UNESCO, not only that the building was reconstructed and modernized, but also the book fund was reconstituted. The library was reopened in 2001, event attended by many political and cultural personalities, both from the country and abroad.

When passing the area of the Royal Palace, don’t forget to take a look to the pride of King Charles I, the building of the Central Library of the University in Bucharest.


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