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The Clock Tower is the tallest tower in Sighisoara (64 m) and most massive of the nine defensive towers of the fortress. It dates from the fourteenth century.

Entering the medieval city through the Clock Tower was pretty hard since it was protected by 3 gates and the 2.3 m thick walls were helping to fulfill the necessary  safety requirements in order to use the building to store various important assets (ammunition, archives, city treasury).

On the 3rd floor one can observe the overhangs coming out of the wall quite prominent. The 5th floor of the tower is retracted by 1.4 m and surrounded by an open balcony. Tower shows four turrets, which symbolize that the city was entitled to judgment.

The roof Wrapped in glazed tile is continuous with two domes, a Golden Globe and a small meteorologic pole atop which there is a rooster that is rotated by the wind. When they see the rooster facing west, residents of Sighisoara know it will rain.

After the fire in 1676, the clock mechanism made of wood was replaced by a metal one.

In the tower, on the first floor, function the City Hall until 1556. Since 1899 the tower houses the Museum of History.

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    Strada Turnului, Sighișoara, Romania

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