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Built between 1450 – 1455 by the goldsmiths’ guild, Drapers’ Bastion from Brasov has got into into the possession of the Drapers guild in 1640. It is a circular bastion with a diameter of 16 meters, 4 floors and a height of 19 m. Its walls, 2 meters thick, had shooting holes and, on the ground floor, had holes for small caliber cannons, aspects which made it one of the most well-defended bastions.

The construction has been consolidated in 1961-1962 and renovated on the outside in 2005. In 2008, within the program of rehabilitation of the fortified enclosure of the city center, began the complete restoration of the Drapers’ Bastion. As consolidation works were advancing, after excavation, were found traces of old constructions which were once attached to the tower.

Therefore, instead of building a roof for the tower, the constructor chose to build one independent tower inside the bastion that doesn’t affect it structurally. The tower inside the bastion hosts an interactive museum and allows visitors to enjoy a nice view.

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    Aleea Tiberiu Brediceanu, Brașov, Romania

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