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Piatra Neamt is a mountain town in northeastern Romania and is one of the oldest cities in Moldova. The region has been inhabited since ancient times due to favorable natural environment, which contributed to the development of a prosperous civilization.

The city is the county seat of Neamt county and has a population of 85.055 inhabitants (according to the census in 2011). Due to the particular architecture and beautiful landscape, the city gained the name of “Pearl of Moldavia”.

First written mentions about this settlement were found in the Russian Chronicle (approximately 1387-1392) and in documents arising from the expedition of King Sigismund of Luxembourg in Moldova, in year 1395. Among internal documents, the city is mentioned in one since July 31st, 1431 – through this document Alexandru I Mușat (Alexandru cel Bun), prince of Moldavia, made ​​several gifts to Bistrita Monastery.

In the fifteenth century Stephen the Great built The Royal Court (the citadel, St. John’s Cathedral with its famous bell tower which in the mean time became Stephen the Great’s Tower), the present historic center of the city. Because of its position on the route of some important commercial roads, the city experienced a continuous development.

In the modern period, Piatra Neamt became the most important urban center in Neamt county, the city becoming the county seat. Industry, banking and public services have experienced strong growth, while cultural life was flourishing. During this period several factories in domains like soap, paper, matches, beer and sawmill, were founded. Also in 1898 appeared the branch of the National Bank in Piatra Neamt.

In the contemporary period, the communist regime was associated with massive bankruptcy of industrial activity, dramatic decrease in local investment, rising unemployment and decreasing living standards, but also with a significant depopulation process. Since the year 2000 appeared a number of investment directly supported by the city hall, improving the city’s appearance. Also, in the first decade of the XXI century takes shape the project which was supposed to transform the city into a tourist town. In 2009 the development of this project has made the city to become a certified resort of national interest.

Today, Piatra Neamt is characterized by modern architecture of its buildings, harmoniously integrated into a natural landscape of great beauty.

When you arrive in Piatra Neamt you can to undertake various recreational activities, including sightseeing of the city, such as: The Synagogue, Stephen the Great’s Tower, Church of St. John the Baptist, Cucuteni Eneolithic Art Museum, Museum of History or the Museum of Art. You should also keep in mind the sights outside the city, such as Bicaz Canyon, The Red Lake, Cheahlau National Park, Durau resor and the monasteries of real cultural and historical value (like Bistrita, Tarcau Hermitage, Agapia or Văratec). Being at a distance of only 43 km from Targu Neamt you can also easily visit the sights from Targu Neamt or near this city.

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    Piatra Neamt, Neamt County, Romania

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