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Rozovanu palace in Iasi, built by Iordache Roznovanu (descendant of one of the richest boyars families in Moldova), was inaugurated in 1832 and was built after the plans of architect Gustav Freywald. The new building, originally built in  the Viennese neoclassical style has the frontispiece decorated with marble statues representing mythological characters. The palace burned down in 1844 and was rebuilt by Nicolae Rosetti-Roznovanu, son of Iordache Roznovanu.

It is known the palace was lost on a card game by its owner and, this way, the mayor of the town, Vasile Pogor, was able to buy it in 1891. The building was purchased by him in order to serve as headquarters for the City Hall. Until this year,  the building was the residence of the family Rosetti – Roznovanu, the most powerful and influential family in the political arena of the city.

Between 1893-1894, the building has been modified (a floor was added and the chapel was disestablished) and was accounted the royal residence for Prince Ferdinand and Princess Maria, for a short while, part of the space being allocated to local authorities.

The building was restored, since the 1958 fire almost completely destroyed the second floor and most of the ornaments on the first floor.

Since 1960, the Roznovanu  Palace became the headquarters of the Popular Council of Iasi. Currently here operates the City Hall of Iasi.

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    Bulevardul Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt, Iași, Romania
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    Open for tourists only during Museum Night.


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