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The city of Sighisoara is located almost in the center of Romania in, Mures county. It is a city that holds a special history of thousands of years, and where several nationalities live together.

Sighisoara is one of the few inhabited fortified cities in Europe (along with Toledo and Ávila – Spain, Carcassonne – France and a few others) and the only preserved and inhabited in Romania. The city was named in several ways over time, one of the designations being “Pearl of Transylvania”, due to its remarkable architecture, the dominant position and geographical ambiance.

The plan of the fortress town is characteristic to German cities which were founded in the late Middle Ages. Sighisoara has a special image because, for centuries, in this place lived together Romanian, Hungarians, Germans and other nationalities, which always helped each other and created a beautiful multicultural community.

In 1930 Sighisoara had 13,033 inhabitants: 5,236 Germans, 4.366 Romanians , 2.896 Hungarians, 356 Gypsies , 146 Hebrew etc.

In 2011, Sighisoara had 28,102 inhabitants. Most inhabitants are Romanian (69.86%) and the main minorities are the Hungarians (16.52%), Roma people (5.23%), Germans (1.43%) and other nationalities (6.79%).

The main tourist attraction of Sighisoara is the medieval citadel which has defense towers, bastions, churches and houses, well preserved until today, like: Clock Tower, Tin Tower, Butchers Tower, Shoemakers Tower, Tailors Tower , Furriers’ Tower, Blacksmith Tower , Ropemakers Tower, Tanners Tower, Monastery Church, The Church on the Hill etc.

Sighisoara is a true city-museum, offering the modern visitor the rare chance to travel back in time to the medieval atmosphere. It’s not only you can see the citadel as it used to be, but sometimes you can also see the people with their medieval clothes and attitude during the festivals that take place here.

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