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The Church on the Hill is an evangelical church dedicated to St. Nicholas. The monument was awarded the Europa Nostra prize (for restructuring and consolidation) and EU award for patrimony. It is considered to be the most valuable architectural monument of the city and is the fourth largest Gothic church in Transylvania.

The Church reached its present form in several stages; construction began in 1345, was amended in 1429 and reached its final form in 1506, after the interior finishings were performed. The building was repaired after every damage resulting from attack or natural phenomena.

Church on the Hill has a length of 53 m and the chorus represents one third of it; the bell tower, which is inclined to the south, has a height of 42 m and is equipped with firing and throwing holes.

The aisles were built later, as proven by the fact that they were built side by side and not linked to the tower wall.

On the buttresses framing the main nave are located four statues made ​​of stone around year 1450. Interior of the church amazes you with its tall volume, octagonal pillars, tall and narrow windows, flags of the guilds and life-size statues.

Some of the items that are found here are baptismal fonts, tombstones and altars brought from locations which were abandoned by believers as Cund, Şaeş and Beia, but also the old altar of the monastery church in Sighisoara. Under the church is a crypt with tombs dated XVI-XVIII century.

Interior paintings made ​​in the fifteenth century were coated (painted) when the Transylvanian Saxons passed to Lutheranism  (1544), but have partially come to light during the first renovation of the church (1934) and totally during the second renovation (1992 -2003).

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    Strada Scării, Sighișoara, Romania

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