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Union Museum from Iasi is located in a building raised in the early nineteenth century, initially following the neoclassical style and afterwards decorated in baroque style. The palace was, between 1859-1862, the royal residence of  Alexandru Ioan Cuza and, between 1917-1918, during the First World War, this building was the residence of King Ferdinand.

In 1937, the building became state property and was declared a historical monument while at the first floor was arranged, at the urging of Nicolae Iorga, the museum of “Cuza-Voda Palace”.

Union Museum, opened on January 24, 1959, recently restored and refurbished, contains important collections on the history of the Romanian Principalities Union.

The ground floor shows thematic aspects of the unification era and also the history of the house. The first floor is intended for royal apartments comprising the main destinations of the house in the mid-nineteenth century: working offices of Alexandru Ioan Cuza and the one of Lady Elena Cuza, dining room, billiard room, the lounge of the Lady, a bedroom.

The museum’s patrimony includes objects and original documents of exceptional value that belonged either to Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza and his family, either to aristocracy of the period, such as documents, rare books, old maps, photographs, costumes, decorative arts (furniture, porcelain, silverware, clocks, luminaires, carpets). Also, in the museum collections can be found objects belonging to the royal family, and a substantial numismatic collection.

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    Strada Alexandru Lăpuşneanu, Iași, Romania

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