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Do you want to visit one of the most interesting, appreciated and full of history tourist sight in Romania? You found one here! Being the most famous edifice built by Stephen the Great and, at the same time, the most famous monument of medieval religious art of Bukovina, Voronet Monastery is located in the village with the same name, 5 kilometers from the town of Gura Humorului and 41 km away from Suceava.

The monastery was built by Stephen the Great in 1488 and it is famous for “VoroneŇ£ Blue” – which is considered to be unique in the world. This color is also one of the reasons the monument was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1993.

Relatively small, the church has a frustoconical plan. Architecturally, the church is characteristic to the Moldavian style of the time: the steeple on the nave suspended on vaulting with diagonal springs.

To the initial construction was added the closed porch on the west side, in 1547, construction made by Metropolitan Bishop Gregory Rosca. Thus was created, along with the side surfaces of corner abutments, a huge screen on which unfolds the ‘Last Judgement’ painting – which brought the name of the “Sistine Chapel of the East” to Voronet Monastery.

Exterior painting of Voronet monastery was performed under the care of Grigorie Rosca, who personally supervised its achievement using anonymous monk-painters. The following paintings appear on the outer walls of the church:

  • Last Judgement – is painted on the west wall, has a composition of five registers and is unique in the art of the Christian East. The scene shows the following characteristics:

    • reveals impressive polychromy and decorative effect;

    • the scene include Moldovian musical instruments (alpenhorn, kobsa), popular garments and local landscape;

    • the background on which is painted the scene is blue, also known as Voronet Blue – a color which was produced using a secret recipe. The importance of this color also lies in the fact that it has a high resistance to meteorological influences.

  • Tree of Jesse and portraits of ancient philosophers – painted on the south wall, these portraits are considered masterpieces;

  • Daniil the Hermit (Daniil Sihastru) and the Metropolitan Bishop Gregory Rosca – the 2 faces are painted near the entrance to preserve the memory of those who founded the monastery.

In the interior painting are highlighted several layers, the original being preserved in the nave (votive portrait since the time of Stephen the Great) and nave (the painting here dates back to 1550).

The nave and the altar have a painting very well adapted to the space, harmonious with imposing characters. Narthex, through the paintings found here connects the interior and the exterior of the church.

While traveling Romania you might see lots of incredible tourist sights, but the artistic quality of the architecture and painting, tradition of Daniil the Hermit (Daniil Sihastru) and the special meanings of the painting and decor, make Voronet Monastery the most representative monument of medieval art in Moldova.

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    DC31, Voronet, Gura Humorului, Romania
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    Entrance fee - 5 Lei (~1.1 Euro); Photography fee - 10 Lei (~2.2 Euro)


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