01- Functions Of An Operating System In HINDI | What Are Functions Of Operating System In HINDI


Functions Of An Operating System In HINDI | What Are Functions Of Operating System In HINDI

Operating System basically works as a interface between Computer Hardware and Software. There are lots of Functions performed by an Operating System like Managing Memories, Handling All Task to make a device multitasking, Booting the computer  Performs basic computer tasks eg managing the various peripheral devices eg mouse, keyboard  Provides a user interface, e.g. command line, graphical user interface (GUI)  Handles system resources such as computer’s memory and sharing of the central processing …
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01- Functions of Operating System

02- Characteristics of Operating System

03- Real Time Operating System

04-Distributed Operating System

05-System Calls

06-Types of System Calls

07-System Programs

08- Interrupts And Instruction Cycle

09- Interrupt Processing


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