Alexa Chung Learns How To Behave at a Fashion Show | ALEXACHUNG


    Hello everyone! I hope you are well well and keeping safe and healthy.

    This week I bring you some fun & frolics from when I was at Paris Fashion Week, before the world went into lockdown / meltdown. I was fortunate enough to be given a Front Row seat at the @Miu Miu show, and I took the opportunity to pounce on some of the other guests to find out exactly how you should behave on the Frow….

    Do you have any questions about Front Row etiquette that you would like to know the answer to? Let me know in the comments below!

    Oh, and thank you to everyone who agreed to speak with me at the show. You were all great.
    Love from ACxx

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    1. I really really think bestdressed's Ashley and Alexa should do a video together because their styles are so different yet embody so much persona, they have such Interesting ways of bringing their views of fashion to their viewers – It would probably be a really amazing video

    2. 🎤Bonjour Alexa. I recently discovered you shows, since; I have binge watched. I must have watched at least 20 episodes. I enjoyed them a lot and I like your ease in front of the camera. I hope to be able to communicate with you regarding reporting/anchoring. You can write me at: You can also visit my non profit 501 c3 org: or drop me a like and a line on LinkedIn to initiate contact you the best always.

    3. I appreciate Alexa's charisma so much. She never takes herself too seriously and yet pulls off such professionalism. I also think her interviewing style is so fun to watch–she always has such a great ''give and take'' with the people she talks to and asks such interesting questions!

    4. Ah, spotting Mama Hadid (Yolanda) sitting one down from Alexa … and seeing Gigi walk in big coat, as we now know would have been 3/4 months pregnant in the show! Iconic!


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