Axis Football 2020 Deep Dive | SGO Showcase Bonus Clip


You all saw what Danny Jugen had to say about Axis Football 2020 in the showcase, but there’s more than what you saw. Thanks to the power of the internet, we’re bringing you the full Axis Football 2020 segment, including what didn’t make it to air in the show case. 💻 Watch the 2020 SGO Showcase! ►►

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  1. Looks good so far! A bit of constructive criticism from me here. Transitional turning mechanics and player acceleration/deceleration for ever player in the game because no one turns on a swivel or runs their full speed from stop or half speed.

    Also, if you would like some additional help, I'll do as much as I can for absolutely free. I'm a software engineer and I also helped with Backbreaker.

  2. Both you guys and Canuck are doing a great job with limited resources. I hope resources become bountiful for both of you!!! I want EA destroyed for their greed! Madden 21 will be awful even on next gen! Sony, Konami throw a sweet 25 mil to both of these companies and realize you will get triple back because the football genre has been in captivity too long by the evil empire! 😡

  3. Everyone should go to their Patreon page. Their Hall of Fame Patreon donations is $25 a month. The more people, the better. I would love for them to be able to reach out to Visual Concepts for a collaboration to get those elite physics along with the amazing immersion of their game. Who knows maybe Sony will stop hating and give them access to a port for the PS4/5. It starts with us, the people, the consumer. They are going above and beyond to bring us something that the corporate ”Goliath” EA Sports won't. An elite simulation football game with an immersive franchise mode!! 💯


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