Best Budget Travel Accessories | Value Products & Inexpensive Essentials For Your Next Trip


    We take a look at some of the best budget travel accessories, value products, and inexpensive essentials you need for your next trip. View Our Full Budget Packing List:

    0:00 – Intro
    1:23 – Quechua Packable Backpack
    2:14 – Quechua Travel Waist Pack
    3:14 – Casio F-91W Digital Watch
    4:08 – Panasonic ErgoFit Earbuds
    4:43 – Amazon Fire 7 Tablet
    5:46 – Nite Ize QuikStand
    6:45 – AmazonBasics Travel Passport Wallet
    7:50 – IKEA KNALLBAGE Accessory Bags
    8:22 – Ziploc Quart Sized Bag
    8:41 – Muji Portable Hairbrush
    8:55 – Muji Folding Travel Comb
    9:06 – Muji Earplugs With Case
    9:27 – Muji Portable Sewing Set
    9:46 – Muji S-Shape Travel Hook

    We’ve tried and tested every single item on this list across different countries and continents. Some for a few years. And we’re confident we’ve found the best of the budget gear. Now, to be clear, the following items aren’t exactly innovative. They probably won’t be durable enough to pass along to your grandchildren either—although we’ve been pleasantly surprised with a few of them.

    If you can afford it, we suggest mixing and matching budget gear with a few investment pieces. That way, you won’t have to worry about all of your gear breaking on you at once—in a foreign country no less—and can slowly build a collection of durable gear you’ll be able to travel with for years to come.

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    1. – Repurposed newspaper plastic overbags to pack shoes into. Free, perfect size.
      – Reused SmartWater water bottle (the one with the "Sport Cap"). Free with the purchase of water. Best bottle drinking spout ever designed, very lightweight, convenient and secure. Not a tragedy if it gets left behind. PET plastic is at least as healthy as stainless steel.

      – Clothesline made from 'bank line' or p[olyester cord (not paracord – that's too stretchy) and bread bag clips for clothes pins. File down the little hooks on the clips a bit with a nail file to prevent snagging clothes.

      – $3 microfiber sweat headband. Dual-use as a sweatband and perfect as eye shades. Keeps headphones in place when worn over ears.
      – Nutmilk bag. $3. Nylon mesh not cotton. Make various quantities of cold brew coffee in variously shaped containers. Also usable to make pour-over, and brew loose leaf tea. Can strain pasta an makes a decent splatter cover for microwaves. You can make nut milk in it too. Makes a good ditty bag to store the micro kitchen items and/or snacks in.
      – Kikkerland UL03-A Universal Travel Adapter. $10. Universal compatibility, mocular, extremely compact.
      – Frog Tape painter's tape. Good for adhering things without causing damage. Like hanging toiletry bags without a place to use a hook, attaching electrical adapters in loose sockets, taping long cords against the wall, hanging large maps while planning etc.
      – Vacuum sealer bags. Things can be sealed in them of course, but because they can be custom-sized it's possible to make things like exact-fit passport waterproof cases and pouches to fit toiletries. Lightweight, waterproof, clear and very strong.
      -Talenti ice cream jar repurposed as travel mug/food bowl/food container. Free with ice cream. Mine is tricked out with a DIY Refelectix heat cover and cord handles. Doubles a waterproof/crushproof storage container.
      -Handi-Wipes nonwoven reusable cloth. One to clean me and one to clean other stuff. Very lightweight, strong and dries in a flash.
      – 40 inch "cooling" towel. $5. Does not cool but absorbs sweat well and dries quickly. I wear it as a cravat and like it better than a buff, with which I use it in conjunction. Wish I could find a nice scarf this size in light Merino wool.
      -Repurposed dry cleaner bags used to roll clothes into to reduce wrinkles. If your entire travel wardrobe consists of 2 wool t-shirts and a pair of jeans you probably don't care though. But one day you might look in the mirror and decide it's time to occasionally dress like an adult while traveling. So keep this tip in mind.

      Jeez I could go on. And on. Been doing this awhile, longer probably than most of the Pack Hacker staff has been alive. Happy to share.

    2. 7.25…emergency cash…you kno…for when you lose your wallet with your euh cards? which also holds…well you get the point.
      Keep some cash separate from this wallet + ask your credit card company for a second card linked to the account and you and your travel partner keep one each or at least keep one in the hotel safe, different pocket, etc. So if you lose one or are robbed, call cc company asap, block one and have a back-up card 🙂

    3. The watch is excellent for the price but water resistance is quite weak. I go g-shock but Casio has many watches below $50 that can take a splash in the shower or even be safe if you go swimming.


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