Computer Case Airflow – What is Positive and Negative Pressure?


Ever wonder what positive and negative air pressure in your case means? Well, Anthony and Jack came up with a way to show you exactly what happens inside.

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Episode Credits:
Host: Jack Sui (@NCIXJack), Anthony Chow (@Thegreatchow)
Writer: Jack Sui, Anthony Chow
Editor: Kalvin Shum (@NCIXAce)


  1. Would be nice to see this test being ran on CoolerMaster Mastercase MC600P. Currently building my new rig and I'm trying to decide if both top fans should be for exhaust, or perhaps the one closer to the front should be intake as well as the three fans on the front, leaving the exhaust for the top-back fan and the back fan. Also, I'm using the CoolerMaster Masterair MA610P CPU cooler. Any advice is welcome.

  2. I'd love to see the airflow on the DIYPC Vanguard series. I don't remember which version is which, but they've been notorious for having bad airflow. The V8 seems to have fixed this though, because I can actually feel the air being pulled through the front, and there's an optional intake/exhaust on the top, if you want to mount fans up there.

    I'm just really curious because I have the V8, and I haven't had any overheating yet. But I haven't really pushed my hardware to the limit – it's kind of hard to say if the case is actually good or not. I just don't see people talking about later versions because DIYPC seems to have gotten a bad reputation.

  3. Hi there! Awesome video, can you help me pls? 🙂

    I'm about to buy the Fractal Meshify C TG Case.

    Can you tell me what option is the best? Thank you a lot for the help!!!

    Option One: Liquid cooler (Cooler Master ML240L) 2x120mm in the Front –

    1x120mm Fan in the rear – 2x140mm fan Up

    Option Two: 2x140mm in the Front – 1x120mm Fan in the Rear – Liquid cooler (Cooler Master ML240L) 2x120mm Up.

    And maybe can you tell me if the Liquid Cooler is actually worth it? I Have more budget and I can change it.

    Thank you my friend! Already subscribed 🙂


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