Dark Woods – Full Thriller Movie


This dark and moody psychological thriller slowly takes hold of you as it progresses from beginning to end.
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Susan and Henry are a young married couple who move to a secluded cabin in the woods to try to come to grips with Susan’s terminal illness. But, as her condition gets worse, Henry feels the distance that will inevitably separate them forever. Restless and feeling alone, he falls into a tumultuous relationship with a local teenage girl whom he rescues from a sexual assault. Will he give into the girl’s seduction game? Is she as innocent as she claims to be? Did they really meet by “accident?”
Director: Michael Escobedo
Cast: Tracy Coogan, John Muscarnero, Mary Kate Wiles, James Russo, Corey Mendell Parker
Date: 2010
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  1. Pls someone explain this movie to me. So, the girl was really 13? And what's up with the parts in the car where same thing happened twice…Once with Susan, then with Alicia. I love psychological thrillers, but I just don't get this one. Was their a character that was there but wasn't really there, but in someone's head?

  2. Come on people…Henry tried his best to take care of his dying wife….she became delusional…from the cancer….or the medicine…the man was sexually stressed too!……Henry was a man who meant well….if he would have had sex with that girl it would have been statutory rape!..A great movie…..

  3. oh, I see–it's kind of like Vertigo, only stupid, and the main character is unsympathetic. At least he chose a scenic location to murder his ill wife at, I guess; the view must have been pleasant for Susan as she was struggling to breathe through her husband's hand. Jfc, this is a wreck of a film, dull acting, irksome characters :p  Ah, well, thanks for the upload, anyway! It was an experience xD


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