1. Doctors Speak Out against the ScamDemic LIE https://www.americasfrontlinedoctors.com/media/ (Proof COVID-19 PCR Test are FRAUD – FAKE) The Reported CV19 Test Numbers mean NOTHING..! https://thehighwire.com/videos/covid-testing-fraud-uncovered/ https://thehighwire.com/videos/willful-ignorance-on-display-at-the-fda/

    US PCR Tests are set at 37-45 cycles. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/29/health/coronavirus-testing.html

    Dr. Fauci admits anything over 35 cycle produces False Positives of Dead Virus. https://twitter.com/i/status/1323231083442262018

    Original Interview showing Dr Fauci doesn't know anything about Covid-19 for sure and that he is just guessing, and the PCR Test is meaningless


  2. I don't trust the Fauchi guy. He's devious and doesn't care if millions are unemployed, get divorced, depressed, committ suicide, get him out of the pubic eye!!

  3. I love this man! I love my Dr. Weinreb so much. Can the Jewish Orthodox community in Brooklyn, NYC please put on your mask and stop with the clan ish ways? Please… My Brooklyn people know how much we love each other.
    I also want my Jewish people to stop talking with that voice fry. It's unhealthy for your vocal cords. If you're not from Brooklyn, you wouldn't understand.

  4. It is surprising there is not much interest in the mounting research demonstrating low levels of vitamin D are highly correlated to more severe cases of COVID-19 as well as death. I suggest the following video if you want to know exactly how vitamin D modifies the immune system so it can protect against symptoms and even death of COVID-19. https://youtu.be/cDnokrtWJNo

  5. Fauci is just a puppet For Bill Gates vaccine agenda, he's been paid well to say whatever it takes to get people to believe the hype about vaccine's. His credibility is destroyed.

    This is why most science is useless. It just gets hijacked by sideways agendas, and doesn't provide truth anymore.

  6. Is there a vaccination for autism or tuberculosis? It seems to me The number of children turning autistic is growing daily and the people that die from tuberculosis is a big number and isn’t that a communicable disease spread by a cough? Is anybody tracking these people. They’re just free to cough on us and contaminated us with their disease ?

  7. Anyone here had the Virus my husband been infected for almost 8 weeks with no symptoms at all but he sitll tests positive. If someone has the same problem plz let me know.

  8. Fauci is a traitor who must be punished for treason against the American people. He is in bed with China and bill gates set to profit handsomely from the deaths and treatments he is pushing for the virus he funded

  9. * WE MUST PROTECT THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH FOR DR FAUCI AND ALL OF THE REPORTERS*** It is extremely important to preserve the Constitutional rights of all Americans… Politicians are constantly abusing the Constitutional rights of Doctors,and Reporters to advance their own personal Agenda.. It is illegal, as it is Unconstitutional…

  10. I just heard Dr Fauci explain, during the daily update, that each time he presented a recommendation to Trump to protect the US from the virus, Trump said yes. This bears so little resemblance to the reporting from a large part of the media i am wondering if i am living in an alternative universe.

    While i am not a great fan of trump, those who have an unhinged opposition to trump are clearly part of the problem, rather than part of the solution concerning the virus. The issue is the virus; everyone should only have one focus, deal with the virus.

    Dr. Fauci is truly an astounding man, as long as Trump keeps on saying yes to his recommendations, I am certain the US will be well served. Stay Safe.

  11. What I'm not understanding is where is the concern for the people who contract the flu on a yearly basis, and unfortunately die from it? Those numbers are much..much more staggering than the Coronavirus numbers.

  12. This old man is just another puppet, and once he is done with all this, he is (probably) going to get infected by the (fake) virus, if you know what i mean , and obviously die , "because he is old" and the (fake)virus kill him.


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