Gaming Is A Force For Good During COVID-19 – Inside Gaming Explains


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  1. Goddamn, I wish I could be bored. I have 500 unplayed games on my Steam but I have a 7, 4 and 1 year old so I have more chaos at home than usual and am unable to play even less than usual. Hearing people getting to do anything they want and bitching about being bored is driving me insane.

  2. LOL I wish. As an essential employee still going to a hospital every damn day, I DREAM of getting to stay home and quarantine! So many people complaining about how bored or sick of being home. Whew. My days have almost not changed. Work and home, repeat. But at least I still have a job so that's nice.

  3. The WHO never said that gaming was bad, they said overgaming could be bad. Same as how eating isn't bad but overeating can be bad. Them saying gaming is a good way to practice social distancing doesn't contradict their earlier statements.

  4. If you're lowkey sick of games, what books are you reading now?

    You too, comment section. What's everyone reading? I'm reading Such a Fun Age & Halal If You Hear Me

  5. Guess what? Gaming addiction is still a thing.
    For fuck's sake. It's as if people don't understand what an addiction is.
    Buying a lottery ticket doesn't make me a gambling addict. But buying 10 000 certainly does.
    I am fucking sick of hearing people acting as if WHO just hates video games.

  6. Super grateful for work from home, but between working and my one year old, I get like, 4 hours of games in a week. Grind them all out and let me live through y'all.

  7. I'm the opposite. I have no choice to stay in home, my work is in "essential business" they need me to work, in all my life did not change only the fact that is a bitch to buy TP if your looking.


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