I Lived the "Perfect" Healthy Life for a Week


My fat loss training and nutrition guides (10 week programme, approved by GB Olympic Team expert) + MOVE (how I train):


Hey my friends, this week I tried following the most common health recommendations at once! There were many more but the video (and my life 😂) was overwhelming with all of them so I included just the major health guidelines here (: There are definitely some things I didn’t know and some things I’ll keep doing from now on! Hope you enjoy, all my love xxx


  1. Hey beautiful people, my life was very overwhelming for the last 7 days! 😂 I actually followed a few more guidelines than I showed here, including ones for eye health and skincare, but the video felt a little overwhelming with everything in so I included only the major ones (: all my love & hope you enjoy! Xxx

  2. I love how you mentioned how these “perfect life” guidelines do not take in our everyday life. How much our bodies change and it’s almost an ongoing process that’s never ending. I just love that you brought those things up. The WHO is very corrupt, and I know you don’t like someone just coming in with something saying to believe it, so you don’t have to take my word for it! Do your own research, you’ll find just how corrupt and not for the people the WHO is. (I am from the US it’s been a shit show because of the WHO, they do not care about the citizens here)

  3. it really bothers me that you claim that you found all this information from government bodies, etc, but you do not link anything for the viewers in the description.

  4. I found your channel just now and I felt in love with your videos! I am really happy that you have been to the Czech Republic! <3 great to hear that! I am from Czechia! I love your workouts, vlogs and etc. love you Natacha! <3 enjoy your day

  5. Oh my god so I am Australian, and I LOVE coffee, but I think it's always disgusting wherever I have it when I travel and I thought I was just a moron but I am so glad you said it's good here haha

  6. Can definitely confirm that Australians take their coffee very seriously – particularly in Melbourne. Over here, its arguably an artform, and is super difficult to even get a job as a barista unless you have years of experience

  7. I'm on a current binge of your videos – so sorry this is a year later lol but come to Zambia (post-COVID obviously). Victoria Falls is one of the original natural seven wonders of the world and everyone here is so friendly, almost to the point of irritation but friendly nonetheless haha!

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  9. I know nobody asked but if you do Canada here's some stuff I have done as a Canadian, yah okif you go to Ontario recommend it very nice people and Niagra is a ball, the under the fall tour don't do it you do on a boat and look wet rocks not fun the jet boat tour 10/10 they run you through rapids for 30 mins it so much fun, then in Niagra there's a city and fun houses and different touristy things like that lots of funnova scotia small, nice people like the nicest people I have ever spoken to but its really just the boardwalk in Halifax everywhere else is beautiful but just country beautiful but nothing much to do Quebec, uh its Quebec there are different attractions and there all a blast but the language barrier makes things a little difficultthese are the only places i have been to so yah sorry have a nice day

  10. Hello sister, i am rashed from Bangladesh. Your every video makes me so much energetic specially marathon and hiit related video. Can you suggest me for reducing my weight? I want to loss my weight specially for my only one baby girl. I was 102kgs before 3months but now i am 95 kgs. What type exercise i need for getting 80kgs weight within this year? How long i need exercise? Thanking you, sister. Love you.

  11. Have you considered a sit/stand desk? Might be something to incorporate for the standard time moving or whatever the guideline suggested. Also love that you shared this as it as some good and other conflicting info, proving a guideline is a suggestion or something to incorporate to how each of us operates

  12. 5:15 was it in melbourne? bc melb is the coffee capital of the world apparently. personally i can only drink coffee in melb/aus otherwise its just… no thanks. and i love my coffee but…

  13. All what you did , dose not have any substance . Is only a joke or a game . If you really want to prove something you have to try at least few months or few years . All what you did is only to show people one way of possible good life style to try .

  14. Lolllll at the coffee comment. Just piping in as an Aussie who used to live in England. Look, the coffee in England is so bad that went I got back to Aus I would get a coffee every single time I was near a coffee shop.


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