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Indie Game: The Movie is a feature documentary about video games, their creators and the craft. The film follows the dramatic journeys of indie game developers as they create their games, and as they release those works, and themselves, to the world.

Indie Game: The Movie is about making video games, but at its core, it’s about the creative process and exposing yourself through your work.

This trailer and the film features: Edmund McMillen & Tommy Refenes ( Phil Fish ( and Jonathan Blow (

Original music by Jim Guthrie

Indie Game: The Movie
A film by James Swirsky and Lisanne Pajot
A Blinkworks Production


  1. is this yet another "people patting their own sholder looking anywhere but at the camera + epic music + cool camera angles – the movie" or do these guys actually explain what inspired them, which tools they used, and more concrete things?

  2. Actually, after watching this, I understood more why Phil Fish acted like a bit of an asshole. He was under tons of pressure. and I learned to respect more to indie developers.

    Sure indie games are not as big titles like GTA, COD or Halo, but even a small title takes a ton of time, energy and code.
    Plus, it is not the same as big companies like EA or Activision where they have specific teams to put their effort on specific parts of the game like graphics, art design and gameplay and even PR mechanics and advertisment. (even though such companies care more about consumerism instead of giving us incredible and engaging games because …fuck you! give me money!)

    For indie developers, they have to take care ALL of this, for just ONE man. Only one. that is a lot for just one guy.
    I'm not saying it is possible but it is very hard and takes a ton of your energy (especially when you have a very short deadline)
    Sure, it may be more simple and there is not much complex gameplay mechanics but even coding W,A,S,D for movement takes a lot of very specific coding INDIVIDUALLY.

    Plus, the gaming community does not help either. The community have become very spoiled these days. Even tiny mistakes or tiny things they don't like, they make a rant about it, or a make a fuss because they expected 'better'.
    Imagine giving a game that took all of your time and effort to just have enough money for food on your plate and when you give it, the players make a tantrum and talk shit about your game, like a kid does when he does not get what he wants.

    Does that mean it is excusable for indie dev. to give incomplete and unengaging games? No, of course.
    It will be uninteresting, boring and also of our time and especially money (god knows how much that is a problem in the gaming business). But i still show my respect about how much effort most of taken to place for just one man to go through something so small and so simple as a video game.

  3. I haven't seen this movie yet but sometimes I watch something such as this trailer or whatever on YouTube…and then I see how many dislikes and I'm just like wtf? Really? Who ARE you people? I guess some people are just going to hate something no matter what! LOL… 🙁

  4. This movie makes me think could I be a developer. Could I take years and years of my own life to make a game? Even if I am willing to do something and take such a gamble  what would it take to make a good game? These are my fears when I decided to become a developer, can I even make it?

  5. 'Gamer' all my life, and this movie was stomach churning garbage. These fucking hipsters are ruining gaming and now doing their best to judge, insult, and attack the entire community, trying like hell to turn it into some sort of disgusting cult all for them, not for everyone else.

  6. Simply put, this movie was a beautiful thing to behold. It touched on the fact that as humans, we all have issues. However, the movie follows people who had the balls to actually risk their livelihood to do something they LOVE, they didn't do it for security, or because it was safe. They did it out of passion, and like previously stated in other comments, that's something that most people don't have the courage to do.

    However, as a film, the genius in it is in the irony that these very real people are creating escapisms for others and while portraying a very real human vulnerability. Say what you want about arrogance and other flaws, but realize on the other side of that coin is a passion and sense of conviction that is very human – far from the synthetic worlds they've created. I say thumbs up for them, and all the other devs that don't even make it. They're in pursuit of doing something great and while doing something they love in search for something more than what they have. That's the fuckin' American dream.

  7. I'm a game designer who only just founded his company a few months ago. I can't say that I don't have my own "issues", but the skinny developer of Super Meat Boy and the Braid creator kinda pissed me off at times. If you're unsure of the definition of arrogance, watch this. That said, otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed this and I have watched it twice.


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