Indie Travel Manifesto


    Go to to Read, Vote, Discuss, Sign and Share the Indie Travel Manifesto.

    Narrated by: Rolf Potts
    Music: Mokhov – Halcyon Days
    Photos by: Evan Cohan [] & BootsnAll staff


    1. @pineapplerainn Thanks for all the advice. I don't think my language skills are up to teaching but I'm checking out the BootsnAll website now. I hope I can find a way to see all the places I dream of (corny as that sounds).

    2. I've always wanted to travel and see the world after university but the thing that worries me and makes me less willing to discuss possible places to visit is the cost. Everytime my friends and I talk about Vietnam, India, Ireland, anywhere, I can't help thinking that I will never be able to afford to go to all these places except much later in life on brief, too-structured, soon forgotten, isolated yearly holidays. What I see as sad reality stops me enjoying the possibility. What to do?


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