Introducing the new Google News


The new Google News organizes what’s happening in the world to help you learn more about the stories that matter to you.


  1. Google is sick. Watch the company heads. Their arrogance leaves me speechless. They are speaking to their employees assuming EVERYONE thinks like they do.

  2. How do you use this new Google if there's new Google news I've got the old Google this new Google I have no idea of using it cuz it was you circles and you can shoot pick and choose which one you want to use how do you use it

  3. Wonderful, more profiling. The problem with us all seeing different articles – only those we like – is that people matching a given profile can be singled out and fed a specific message. Those people see a message they agree with but nobody else sees it. Everyone's happy! The journalist thinks he/she did a splendid job because the viewers liked the piece. The viewers are happy, because Google correctly predicted they would like the piece. Google makes money. The hidden problem is that divisions between us grow wider. Please bring back the days of the BBC where we all watched the same news -even that which we didnt like – and debated it honestly with one another. Minds were changed as we found common ground. No longer. (Having said all this, I'll consume Google News. Its totally fun stuff i like to read about. Yay!)

  4. I loved when you could use Google Assistant by saying Ok Google and it would read from the daily headlines and podcasts. What happened? My Galaxy S9 just stopped being able to access the voice reading.


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