No Health Without Mental Health: Denny Morrison at TEDxBloomington


Denny Morrison challenges three commonly held but irrational beliefs about behavioral health care: first, that having a mental illness or addiction is a stigma. (“To compare ‘having a bad day’ to major depression,” he says, “is a bit like comparing a paper cut to an amputation.”) Second, that the body and mind are two different things. Third, that if you have a diagnosis of mental health or addiction, it’s “a living death sentence.” Morrison is Chief Clinical Officer for Netsmart, the leading provider of clinical solutions for health and human services organizations nationwide. He served previously as the CEO of the Center for Behavioral Health (CBH) in Bloomington, Indiana since 1995. CBH was the first behavioral health company to ever win the JCAHO Codman Award for excellence in the use of outcomes measurement to achieve health care quality improvement; the second to win the HIMSS Nicholas E. Davies Award for Excellence in the implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHR); and is still the only organization in the world to have won both awards. In 2007, CBH was awarded the Negley Chairman’s Award for Excellence in Risk Management. Morrison has worked in the behavioral health field since 1969. He holds a doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Ball State University.

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  2. First of all bosses in companies, Management/CEO/Principals/Managers in academic/non academic fields should be tested (normally like blood tests) and if they are mentally fit for the positions, then they should be selected to become leaders. This can be done like making identity card by Govt. This way society welfare will be taken care of and economy will improve along with protecting such professions in medical fields. Nice speech Sir. Thank you👏👏👌

  3. Here is our biggest problem now. Remove stigma. But now the US Government wants to create more stigma by enacting gun laws that prohibit anyone with a prior mental health illness from buying a weapon and therefore causing them to forfeit the ability to remain free and able to defend themselves. Can't hunt, can't defend yourself or your children. Can't be free.

  4. there is no health without a healthy culture everything else seems to be obfuscating the harms and pathologising the individual for simply existing in a certain culture at a certain time – we are not mentally ill but mentally responding to toxic or ill parts of the culture from ideology, economy, class, education etc

  5. I have a problem with CBT and the likelihood of reframing an irrational mind and thinking that has been in place for a lot of years unless it is caught early. DBT on the other hand can help much better in my opinion. Sadly, most need treatment way more frequently that's affordable to them.

  6. Wonder how much he was paid for this. "Third, that if you have a diagnosis of mental health or addiction, it's "a living death sentence."" From personal experience I know that one is shockingly true.

  7. It is weird how a lot of people think mental health somehow belongs in a different category than physical health.  I think some of it has to do with resistance to the idea that we might be 'just a brain'.  Also, if your mind can go haywire as randomly as your body, that scares people.  But those issues should be seen clearly as emotional reactions and not turned into paranoid arguments against Big Pharma or psychiatrists.

  8. It's all very well to say that CBT is the best way to go but just try getting to the top of the waiting list. I got there about 6 months AFTER I'd completely broken down and overdosed, so a lot of people don't get a choice: they can either take the happy pills or try to struggle on alone for the 6-18 months it takes to get seen.

  9. he needs to tear up his doctorate before a class action lawsuit reaches the Supreme Court on his industry's iatrogenesis – treatment causing disease.. there is no such thing as a chronic mental illness. he is deluded.

  10. It's important to understand the need for preventative care. Unfortunately, our society does not address these issues when they initially appear (likely due to the stigma surrounding them and overall lack of resources for prevention as an approach to treatment as a whole), which leads to the further decline of the individual. All mental health issues are treatable, and like any other illness it is best to diagnose and treat them as early as possible.

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    i have undermethylation level 1.8 and pyroluria level 64, i am currently seeing a nutrient therapist for almost 2 years now with little success although i believe she is not fully committed to helping me, confirmed by a resent severe over sight in my nutrient therapy.

    i am struggling heavily, i have been unwell my whole life and it has gotten worse over time as i have grown up.
    Symptoms and conditions include. ocd, anxiety, inner tension, depression, insomnia, bulimia, body image issues, fatigue, delusional thinking, catastrophic thinking, suicidal, sexuality confusion. i have been miss diagnosed throughout my life due to fear of ridicule and lack of understanding. Is there any one you can put me in contact with that can help?

    Damian Murray

  12. The psychotropic meds do contribute though. Many of the antipsychotic meds can cause metabolic syndrome, weight gain and diabetes. But that's in addition to overall poor health care received by people with serious mental illness.

  13. Geez- I know we have had an explosion in the last thirty years for meds to treat  depression. I read a great book- Fraud in Mental health by the therapist, and it said the stigma now comes from people NOT doing all they can to be healthy. I agree. I don't care if a person has depression- I care if they do not take their medication and use the coping skills the psych tells them to! This ebook really talks about personal responsibility. We can't get people to control their weight- is it the stigma. C'mon. The book is about fraud committed by social workers to keep their jobs (fake charges and fake diagnosis to medicaid), but it explains SO much more. 

  14. He's wrong—at least in families, mental illness is contagious. Its so stressful to deal with explosive emotions, irrational behavior and delusions, that it will often make other family members sick as well.


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