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    On the Isle of Skye, peat was a vital resource for hundreds of years. People would use it to heat their homes, as a fuel source for cooking, and to add a smoky flavor to whisky.

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    1. i have been to there, one of my favourite places on earth. I still remember the moment when i tried my first can of irn-bru right outside the co-op in portree. Will never forget.

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    3. Just got this channel recommendation one week back and I started loving every content of it. Then I dig down the channel and the website to see all the available videos (daily I am watching). The presentation, cinematography, editing, walking commentary, clarity of historical background, fun with the local folks and everything is a masterpiece which gives a complete picture of a place/s in a very short period of 23-25 minutes. The ancient architecture, the scenic beauty of the countryside and the title music produced a time travel effect dates back to the mediaeval world. And what stole my heart is the perfectly modulated & clearly accented Radio Vocal of the background commentary.

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