StarCraft 2: MECHING IT HAPPEN! (Live Game)


Live gameplay of Terran versus Zerg in StarCraft 2.
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I’ve been really liking Mech in the Terran versus Zerg matchup. In this video I play a match of TvZ in StarCraft 2 at the same time as I also give commentary to the gym. My opponent tries to counter my Hellion, Cyclone, Siege Tank, Thor based composition with Roaches, Hydralisks, Nydus Worms as well as Mutalisks.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Legacy of the Void is the third and final part in the StarCraft 2 triology.


  1. Im pretty sure at some point im going to literally watch every single video you have posted. I love this game so much, and im not too awfully good (gold) at it, i cant seem to master the late game. I watch all of your videos trying to learn some, but i get caught up in the game and end up not paying attention to the builds like i should. Youre such an awesome streamer/youtuber and i absolutely love all of your videos. Keep up the good work, hope i can catch you on a twitch stream soon when i get paid so i can sub/dono because you deserve it. Keep up the good work! Love your videos and this game SO MUCH. Btw, awesome campaign play through, even with the lowko difficulty and lowko blindness, its still so much fun and one of my favorite parts of the day when you upload them. I know, im "fan boying" 😂

  2. I think there should be a limit on how many SCV's can repair at once. First game Lowko got completely caught off guard by the Mutas at one point, even with 3+ thors on the map. Opponent should be rewarded for outmaneuvering. Terrans have too many safety net mechanics IMO.

  3. mutas are easier to handle if you will not use all army hotkey… just produce thors and live them in bases… u will not have to invest in turrets. which are inefective against big numbers of mutas. also you do not use hellbats which is equivalent on 1v1 vs roach..

  4. Nice Gameplay; l really enjoy watching these kind of videos, but l realised one mistake, which you didnt mentioned at all:
    I thought you were a little bit sloppy with your upgrades(3,3, aswell as blue flame; I think you startet it around 13 Minutes)
    But very nice gameplay ;D

  5. Hey lowko, just quick question 😮 Im relativly new to starcraft (Watching Your content past 2 years though) And i am using hotkeys setup just like you; Your A-Move is under T hotkey as well? =o Is it anyhow uncomfortable to you? / or can you change it somewhat?

  6. Random is fun.. but Zerg is still cooler also I like the live game. I have a question if I had units that are part of the old army comp and when I try to tier up my army should I just threw them away to try killing there units?

  7. Hey Lowko! Love your channel! On your mech play, do you want to build that many thors? I thought 2 was the optimal number to counter Mutas, then you build 2 medivacs to lift the thors and chase around the mutas. That would free up more supply and money for siege tanks, which are better, right?


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