They Put Their WHOLE TEAM On Me! 5v5 Men's League Basketball!


This game might’ve been the most intense men’s league game yet!

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  1. Your team is good but would be 2x better if they 1.boxed out 2.stepped to ball when passed to and 3. FOULED less oh my gosh there was so many fouls other then those in my opinion y’all were amazing

  2. Is this dude just screwing with people? Today's the first time I've discovered his vids, and ive noticed pretty quick that any time the other teams make a good three, he immediately nails a deep 3 too. As if he could every time but just doesn't.

  3. Bout time someone played team's actually better to see his skill level.. he a good player..but if you leave him room he will torch the commitment on d..they literally said we want to stop T J..and the rest of your team will have to beat us..that's good team D..

  4. This was the trashiest team I ever seen keep falling on the ground for fouls keep fouling and not trying to get called this team is trash if they did win it's because they're at home with their trash referee and they're trashed trash play they have no skills somewhat skills but f**** more skills just being shitballs fouls fks good game still

  5. Can anyone tell me why about half the time a whistle was blown the game just kept on going? Did some clown bring a whistle and kept blowing it from the sideline or something? If that were the case, seems like someone would put a stop to it early on, but this kept happening the entire video.

  6. I'm surprised TJ didn't go for more assists, with them doubling up on him and his passing abilities, he could proly find the open man. every time. I mean he even said he didn't have to worry about scoring since they were focusing on him, and yet I kept seeing him taking it to the hole with 2 guys on him. If it was a game where he was still making the shot even with that coverage, then yeah, go for it, but when he was having trouble with the double team and he even said he didn't need to score, I don't know… Why not follow through with the strategy? II guess when you're as good as him you keep thinking you're going to break out of it. What hurt is when they got the 4 free throws and only hit half.


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