This Is NOT A Healthy Work Environment


Escaping your job is easier said than done.

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Itro – Panda [NCS Release]


  1. That statue is called the ponder it's a very very expensive statue it's worth thousands of thousands of dollars it was made like a year before like the first what was it called the first dog was a year before the first what I can't even think anymore oh the year before the first car I think I don't know but for like the first modern-day car like

  2. That little doll looks like a matroska it's a tiny doll that or sometimes a very big doll that you can open up and there'll be a smaller doll inside and you can keep opening it up and inside there should be like a tiny little prize but yeah you can just look it

  3. fun fact: from last episode:
    last time: Mr. Green's (aka the main character's) tie in every losing/winning portrait was blue and not green
    This time: His tie is officially blue.. or is it because the thinker (in 12:40 ) stole his green tie.. question is, was the last times mistake a coincidence, or is it not?


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