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What if the Universe is just a computer simulation? What is fundamental particles are really just “bits”?

Featuring physicist Phil Moriarty from the University of Nottingham.

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This video was filmed and edited by Brady Haran.

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  1. I always thought of it like this: "if it was just a simulation, so what? Nothing you can do about it but continue living life as you have. I guess there is a saying about a herd of sheep but what can you really do? If going against the herd is living in denial/strained and stressed existentialism then I'd rather not. Knowing about it doesn't really change much either. Life would go on as it always has, whether you knew it was simulated or it wasn't."

  2. The quantum tunneling effect is just probably because some lazy programmer didnt use tail recursion for rendering so the stacks are either flowing over or are still being calculated on. Even those aliens do have bad programmers

  3. there is no way (so far) to know surely whether we are a simulation. therefore this idea is not much different from god's existence, and this is not a scientific debate. what I think, is that we are the actual reality, but all these simulations are simplified versions of the reality. they look like the real world, therefore we assume the contrary.

  4. It's the truth. Information is everything. The more the information, the more dense stars and black holes become, the processor can't handle all that data. So, the laws are designed in such a way that anything that goes near a larger object spirals around it and giving enough time for the dense object to slowly digest the information content in the smaller object.

  5. I disagree! It doesn't make sense to put information first! There had to be the forces first, the forces obviously existed first and these forces came together assembling in an order! There is the information but the forces moving things together had to take place first in my mind! How could information exist before the energy it would take to even realize there was info?


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