What Modi Govt’s 3 Agriculture reform bills mean, political controversy & hypocrisy around these


Correction: At 18:10, the correct word is monopsony. Error is regretted.

Modi govt’s 3 agriculture reform bills have upset not only the opposition but also its ally Akali Dal . In episode 571 of Cut The Clutter, Shekhar Gupta dives deep into what these reforms will do for the farmer, and cuts through cynical politics & hypocrisy.
Read Ilanomics on the three farm ordinances here:

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  1. I still dont earn, but i got immense help from your cut the clutter and all the news that you publish, when i will start earning for sure i will subscribe to you people 🙂

  2. Talking about MSP and farmers freedom to sell their produce for higher price is just like debating about Chip in 2000 note during demonetization, discussing tax evasion during introduction of GST. Actuall issue is survival of States. Let us know that 60 percent of Taxes collected from Farmers are used to meet salaries of Land Revenue department by the State Governments. If farming sector collapses and if it is taken over by foreign corporates then they will pay GST to central government not to the State governments. Then how State governments will run? And taxes or cess collected at mandis or market yards is used by State Governments to meet emergency needs. If both these sources of income are curtailed how can States survive? State governments are back bone of Indian union. If States are done away with like this India would be thrown into anarchy like situation..

  3. Altogether buttering the government won,t help shekhar . there are genuine concerns of concerns which you failed to bringforth. i believe in your good journalism , but this was a one sided show.

  4. Do not agree on MSP implementation. Can you quote examples – beyond Rice and Wheat tgat are getting MSP in the market. The FCI is atleast giving MSP to farmers for Rice and Wheat. In others agriculture produce for which MSP is applicable – not a single commodity is bought at MSP, forget higher price.

  5. you lefty piece of garbage begging for money openly. we genaral people know why india is still lacking behind in world stage and its because of pro islamist leftist like you and others. government gotta pass law to punish severely for anti national activities of so call journalist( propagandist) and handing with enemy countries.

  6. Shekharji also provide an email I’d and phone number to enable subscription from overseas. I have just entered all my details and have no idea if this has been processed or what the status of my data is? Please make the process easier. Thank you

  7. Why can’t you just get to the point?? Everyone knows what the spelling of FAKE, just for your information it hardly matters here. If we really cut the clutter from your blabbering, complaining, jargons, poetry and unrelated lecturing, everything can be explained in 10 mins that too for the slower people like yourself.

  8. Modi would make FARMERS economically strong and then all farmers would vote for HINDU BJP party and CONGRESS party would loose in 2024…hence the farmer bill must not be allowed for there is no other god but ALLAH…allahuakbar

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